Southwest Regional Credit Union Scholarships 2019

Southwest Regional Credit Union, (Sarnia, Corunna, Wallaceburg & Wyoming) is offering three categories of scholarships related to Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs in Post-Secondary education. Scholarships are open to high-school students transitioning to post-secondary institutions, as well as current college and university students returning to continue their program.

Scholarship allowances will range from $250 - $1,000 dollars.

Certificate Programs

4 scholarships available, valued at $250

Diploma Programs

1 scholarship available, valued at $1,000
2 scholarships available, valued at $500
2 scholarships available, valued at $250

Degree Programs

1 scholarship available, valued at $1,000
2 scholarships available, valued at $500
2 scholarships available, valued at $250

Submissions will be accepted until July 26th, 2019


Certificate Scholarships:

  • Certificate programs are open to any individual living within Lambton, Chatham/Kent Counties regardless of personal or familial membership to the Southwest Regional Credit Unions.

Diploma and Degree Scholarship Eligibilities:

  • If you and no one in your family are members of the Southwest Regional Credit Unions, you will be eligible for scholarships up to $250.
  • If you are not a member but your parents or grand-parents are current active members, you will be eligible for scholarships up to a maximum of $500.
  • If you have a personal membership with Southwest Regional Credit Union for at least one year, you are eligible to compete for the maximum $1,000 award in the Diploma or Degree scholarships.

The Scholarship Request is to Include:

  • Who is an active member in the Southwest Regional Credit Union.
  • The name of your program and length of your program.
  • The year, (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) in which you will be attending.
  • State which one of the three questions (below) will be the subject of your essay or presentation.
  • Indicate if your graduation will result in a Certificate, Diploma or Degree.
  • A list of extra-curricular or volunteer activities including (but not limited to), sports, clubs/organizations and charitable works.
  • Academic goals and future aspirations.
  • Any awards or recognitions received up to the date of scholarship submission.

Choose from one of the following three questions to write your essay or to base your presentation on:

Essay Option:

Essays are limited to a minimum of 500 words and maximum 750 words, type written, double spaced, font 12.

  1. Compare and contrast between Credit unions and Chartered Banks.
  2. How do you foresee the Credit Union being of greater service to you in your future endeavors?
  3. What would you do to further the strength of the Credit Union system in your community?

** "Copy & Paste" essays will be automatically disqualified **

PowerPoint or Video Presentation Option:

If you choose to present a PowerPoint or video presentation of one of the three questions, it will be limited to 15 minutes in length. You will be contacted to determine a date and time to make your presentation. Presentations will be given in the Head Office boardroom of the Southwest Regional Credit Union on Exmouth St. Sarnia before the Scholarship Committee.

Presentations are to be presented between July 29th and Aug 1st and the hours of 5 and 7 PM. There will be no exceptions to the dates of presentation. If you are unavailable during this time period, it is to your benefit to choose the essay format. If you “fail to show” for your presentation your submission will be considered withdrawn.

Successful Scholarship Submissions:

Upon proof of continued enrollment and submission of scholarship requirements, successful recipients will be contacted by e-mail with instructions to receive the scholarship award.

  • High-school students: Must show proof of enrollment in a post-secondary program at any college, university, technical institute or private college.
  • Returning college/university students: Must show proof of a GPA 2.7 or greater, as well as your offer to return to college/university.

Applicants will be notified by e-mail regardless of outcome.

Successful candidates agree to their photo image being used as part of Southwest Regional Credit Union’s marketing program.

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411 Lyndoch St.

618 Broadway St.

57 McNaughton Ave.